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Whether it is an Overhaul, Installation, Inspection, or Maintenance, Quesco Turbomachinery Services (QTS) is the answer.  Field management and technical services are offered by QTS to establish the most cost effective "scope of work" required to suite your operational needs.

QTS specializes in providing and supervising mechanical service crews, overseeing maintenance programs, and providing turnkey Overhauls, Installations, and Maintenance.  Management of the entire overhaul and repair process includes troubleshooting the problem, determination of on-site or shop repair, replacement, retrofit, rerate, or refurbishment.  QTS has the experience to provide complete technical services for unit reassembly, installation and start-up of equipment in the field.  QTS's Application Engineers collect and analyze vibration data, field balance rotors and impellers, troubleshoot, repair or calibrate existing vibration warning systems, and design, engineer, and install vibration warning systems.

Applying QTS's expertise to your operation can mean the difference between a minor scheduled repair and a major emergency shutdown.  QTS's Mechanical Field Services provide savings and the assurance that the repair will meet your operational requirements.


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